Here's what our clients have to say about working with Angela!

“I found Angela at PCOS Nutrition Center after my doctor diagnosed me with fatty liver.  I’d known I had PCOS for 12 years but had only focused on the fertility aspects of my condition.  Through the use of Angela’s workbook and nutrition program, I lowered my liver enzymes back to normal levels and have maintained those levels for 9 months.  More important, I learned how complex PCOS truly is and how to work on all the aspects of my symptoms. Thank you again for your help with my journey, I will be a fan for LIFE!”

Robin W.


“I knew I wanted to work with Angela after reading her informative PCOS Workbook. However, at the time, I wasn’t ready to take the next step in my journey to wellness. Over the years, I had met with several health professionals in attempts to better understand and improve my PCOS symptoms. Most of those interactions have resulted in more stress, judgment, frustration, and lack of results. Angela is only one of two health professionals who LISTENED to my concerns and BELIEVED the things I was actively doing to address my PCOS symptoms. As a result, she was able to assist me in a wellness plan that targeted my specific needs. At the beginning, my A1C was 6.0 and I’m now happy to report that it is now 5.7 after recent blood work. My periods are less heavy and have gone from 35 to 28 day cycles. The speed at which my body hair grows has slowed. As someone in the therapy field, I think it is important to note that Angela is not only effective in her field, but is also empathetic, an active listener, and client- focused. I am very happy that I made the decision to work with Angela.  I highly recommend working with Angela as she is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and utilizes effective methods.”

Tamar G.

“Thanks again for all your help over the last several months. You truly have been the best resource for me in helping me achieve progress in my PCOS journey. Your support and encouragement has meant the absolute world to me. Thank you!”

Nikki Jamison

“I just want to thank Angela for her work, as it has been so helpful to me!  I have been amazed at how much better I feel with her guidance!”

Katy T. Asay

“When I discovered The PCOS Nutrition Center I was feeling pretty defeated because the only nutritional information I had been given concerning PCOS involved a lot of restriction and drastic sacrifices. I was expecting that exact same information from Angela Grassi when we met for the first time. I could not have be more incorrect. I learned that there are countless food options and possibilities for women with PCOS. I learned that PCOS is so different for each individual and that makes it impossibleto make blanket statements concerning specific food groups. I left feeling empowered by this newfound information and ready to really start living to my full potential, even with PCOS. After a few months of trying some of Angela’s recommended recipes and following her simple tips in the “PCOS Workbook,” I am proud to say I successfully lost 65 lbs, have improved my lab numbers significantly, and have lessened many of my PCOS symptoms. I cannot express how grateful I am that I made that first appointment over one year ago!”

Marie Hague


“I’m so glad I found you!”

Angela Olsen


“Finding Angela to support me was a God send! She helped me understand how my body uses food. I never felt judged when I was honest with her about my eating habits. Angela gave me some good ideas for meals and good ways to adapt the meals I already love. Meeting with Angela changed my life forever! After years of trying to lose weight, within six weeks I lost 17 pounds! I didn’t even change my exercise routine. The weight just kept falling off. I learned so much about how I need to eat for my body. Meeting with Angela and buying her books were some of the best decisions I’ve made. I have always been so confused about calories versus carbohydrates versus sugar intake. Thanks to Angela, I now understand what my body needs to stay healthy. And, even better, because of what I’ve learned, I am now helping my family make better choices as well! Thank you, Angela!”

Maddie D.


“I just had to give you an update because I’m so excited.  I had my yearly physical last week.  This time last year is when my liver enzymes were testing as high and it was determined that I have PCOS. I am now happy to say that my liver enzyme levels are normal! So is my glucose and I’ve lost a few pounds. Thank you so much for your guidance and suggestions.  I know that the process is working and is making a difference in my body! Thank you,”



“Angela helped me make changes to my eating and helped me figure out which nutrition supplements work best for me. In 3 months, my husband I conceived our healthy baby boy!”

Jennifer Banks


“I’m so grateful for Angela’s knowledge and experience. She helped guide me to follow the best eating plan for me and dispelled PCOS food myths that I was confused about. I now have a much healthier relationship with food.”

Caroline Pinkus

“I began consulting with Angela in July 2014 after going through secondary infertility (and possible PCOS) for about 2 years. Though I live in Orlando and she is based in PA, I had read up on her and her expertise in PCOS and infertility, and believed she could help me. I am so thankful that I found Angela and worked with her!

During our initial consultation, Angela made several excellent nutrition and supplement suggestions. Though I already ate a super clean diet and was at a healthy weight, I feel that her suggestions helped me to get pregnant 2 months later! Sadly, I miscarried that pregnancy at around 5.5 weeks due to chromosomal issues. I put a lot of blame on myself and emailed Angela about it. She was so comforting to me, and helped me to know I was on the right path and that there was nothing that I did to cause the miscarriage. I got pregnant again a year later, and once again lost the pregnancy due to a blighted ovum. I was absolutely devastated, and Angela was there to offer support and encouragement once again.

A few months later, I got pregnant again, and I am now currently pregnant and cautiously optimistic after seeing our baby’s heartbeat at 6.5 weeks. Angela was excited to rejoice with me and answer my pregnancy-related dietary/supplement questions.

Throughout those 3.5 years of going through secondary infertility and 2 miscarriages, Angela was always quick to respond if I emailed her with a follow-up nutrition or supplement question. She helped me fine-tune my supplements and address any concerns I had about dietary issues related to fertility and pregnancy. She’s up-to-date on the latest research, and knows what dietary strategies and supplements are truly helpful based on this research. During a period of time that I felt very sad and out of control, knowing I was taking my diet into my own hands with the help of an expert helped me to feel empowered and hopeful. I have no doubt that Angela’s suggestions helped me to get pregnant all 3 times, and now I am praying that our healthy baby is on the way.

Angela was also very respectful of my ethical beliefs (I eat a mostly vegan diet) and personal tastes when it came to dietary/supplement suggestions. She has a balanced approach and doesn’t believe in restriction, which is so important because infertility can sometimes lead to disordered eating patterns. I have never eaten healthier, and I feel no deprivation.

I can’t thank Angela enough for helping me to optimize my health in support of healthy fertility, a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! I would recommend her to anyone struggling with infertility or miscarriages. It was so refreshing to find such a wonderful, caring practitioner in the midst of such a painful struggle. She helped give me hope, and she gave me the tools to do everything I could to optimize my health and fertility.”

Tammy S., Orlando, FL.


 “Thank you for your support, knowledge , and encouragement! I was diagnosed with PCOS in June on my 30th birthday and ultimately had an answer for many symptoms I have experience throughout my life! 

My husband and I were off oral contraceptive for one year before my long and, at times, missing  periods could be explored by medical professionals. After this diagnosis I was told in a quick and cold Dr appointment that I could take medication to induce ovulation and was given a binder with an overwhelming amount of information in regards to how to use this new medication. I did not feel comfortable with this , and told the practitioner I would contact her when I was ready. I felt lost, heartbroken, and overwhelmed.

At home I researched PCOS and came upon your textbook, cookbook, and workbook. I felt like there was hope! I have been following your eating guides, started a couple of supplements , I have been using your textbook to educate myself and family, and using your site and articles for support when I was feeling discouraged and frustrated.

 I am now ESTATIC to announce I am pregnant on my own account, and husband of course! I did not have to take medications and undergo medical procedures. I am still very early on in my pregnancy and am continuing with my modified food plan and exercise, but I now KNOW I can conceive on my own and feel in control of my own body again.

I cannot elaborate how much you have changed my life and my families’  and I will thank you eternally.

Kimberly Miller


“My heartfelt thanks to Angela. I had PCOS and was struggling to conceive. Angela helped me plan my meal and also suggested some vitamin supplements. Your guidance, food and supplements suggestion really did miracles. In less than 3 months, my periods got regular and I conceived naturally even without fertility drugs. She has been always with me like a close friend. Many thanks to even Ovasitol supplement. It helped me to make my periods regular. Angela has always been with me even during my pregnancy and any time I need her.”



“After working with Angela for 3 months, I have been seeing positive physical changes in my body, which is something I have not seen for years.  Through our conversations and changes in eating habits, I feel better physically and mentally.  My cravings for carbohydrates and sweets has gone away, some of my issues such as acne and facial hair have significantly improved, and I have learned to listen to what my body wants to eat instead of what my brain thinks it wants.  I was at a point where I ate because I knew I had to and was eating foods I really was not enjoying, and am now at a point of eating when I am hungry and now enjoy what I am eating.   My experience with her has been a mind blowing one in that what I thought was proper nutrition was not right for me with PCOS.  She has given me more encouragement and information than any of my physicians have ever given to me.  I would highly recommend working with her if you are able to.” 



“I found Angela Grassi after a particularly tough year dealing with the destabilizing effects of menopause on my longstanding PCOS and hypothyroidism. This is an area that is poorly researched and not well understood by many practitioners. The focus for PCOS tends to skew towards fertility issues and many practitioners lose sight of the life long PCOS journey. I have learned the hard way that there is a lot of misinformation on PCOS and its management.  From the start, Angela thoroughly impressed me with her deeply knowledgeable and evidence-based approach to working with clients. Everything is anchored back to the research and her longstanding experience as a highly seasoned professional.  After an initial series of coaching consultations I was able to make a series of impactful changes in my dietary and supplement regimen and after a few weeks I felt immensely better and most importantly more empowered to manage my PCOS through this change of life.  My blood test results showed a rapid improvement in areas that had been challenging for some time.  Angela’s approach is also deeply holistic, recognizing that PCOS can affect many diverse parts of your life, and also tremendously thoughtful and compassionate!  Angela has PCOS herself and understands the inherent challenges and frustrations of this life long condition.  I am so grateful to have found her and had the chance to benefit from her specialized expertise and wisdom!”



“Working with Angela helped me to understand my body and become a more intuitive eater. I no longer feel bad about what I eat and have a much better handle on my PCOS symptoms”


“I worked with Angela immediately after getting diagnosed with PCOS and having no clear direction as to what my options were to manage this condition.  Anglea was instrumental in helping me understand PCOS, get on a supplement regimen, understand and adjust my diet, and provide a lending ear and valuable feedback during all the ups and downs of my diagnosis. 

I found out about my diagnosis while actively trying to conceive and finding my cycles getting further and further apart.  When my cycle hit 48 days (and eventually ended up being a 72 day cycle), I finally got the labs and imaging done.  My testosterone was over 80 and I had follicles on my ovaries.  The diagnosis was PCOS, and my OBGYN said my only options were Metformin or Birth Control.  I was told there was nothing else I could do to manage the condition and that I would likely have a hard time conceiving and the outlook was quite grim. 

I immediately found Angela, and she was SO responsive to all my emails, questions, concerns, etc.  She even suggested I speak to my insurance company and I ended up getting some of the treatment covered by my health insurance. 

Angela helped me figure out where in my diet I needed to address, we discussed my current medical conditions (Hashimoto’s) and how to plan a supplement regimen around that, and provided me with the tools I needed to succeed.  

Thanks to PCOS Nutrition Center, the PCOS workbook, PCOS supplements, and my most favorite PCOS cookbook, my testosterone levels are < 40, my hair loss has subsided, and my cycles are now 35 days.

Please – if you have been diagnosed with PCOS and had a similar experience to the one I had where I was told there are no other options other than big pharma, please seek guidance from Angela.  She has quite literally changed my life in a way that has put me on a path to be able to have a family and live without PCOS symptoms in a natural and effective way.”


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