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Our clients go from “PCOS Is Taking Over My Life” to “I know exactly what I need to do for my PCOS.” There are some things about PCOS that are different about other health problems – it requires a Nutrition plan specific not only to the individual with the diagnosis, but also for PCOS specifically. what we do is gently nourish the body by working on habits, behaviors and mindset.

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PCOS Nutrition Center
PCOS Nutrition Center


Can you imagine a life unlimited by your PCOS?!

Having the energy and confidence to build better relationships, play with the kids and go out and meet new people. Even realize the possibility of getting pregnant one day. Many people with PCOS struggle with their symptoms- weight gain, fatigue, irregular periods and hormone hell! It’s so tempting to believe the quick-fix, all-or-nothing rapid weight loss diets. But that kind of PCOS diet isn’t going to change weight and health in the long term.

Brought to you by psychologist and PCOS expert Dr. Stephanie Mattei and PCOS Nutrition Center founder Angela Grassi. PCOS Complete is an 8-week guided course focusing on using a non-diet, sustainable, practical and kind approach to managing your PCOS symptoms.

Reclaim your life from PCOS!

PCOS Nutrition Center

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5 Secrets that Work for PCOS Because Diets Don’t

Diets, supplements and restrictions – OH NO!

If that’s what anyone is using to treat PCOS and nothing else – there’s a WORLD out there of other strategies that we teach our clients for finally getting to the bottom of their pesky symptoms.

Nutrition isn’t the ONLY way to deal with PCOS. There are FIVE other ways – NOT diets – to help PCOS.

The methods we teach – developed by Dr. Stephanie Mattei, Psy.D. and Angela Grassi, MS, RDN, LDN — we’re revealing on our LIVE masterclass training – the exact FIVE secrets that our clients use to overcome PCOS WITHOUT dieting.

Now available to watch on demand for a limited time, our Popular Masterclass “5 Secrets that Work for PCOS Because Diets Don’t” Watch it now.

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I Took Ovasitol. Here’s What Happened

A nutrition supplement called Ovasitol can really help people with PCOS? I’ll admit, I was skeptical too-until I tried it. I used to believe that most individuals with PCOS can get their needs met through food and didn’t need to take supplements. It wasn’t until I started researching inositol for a chapter on supplements for my book PCOS: The Dietitian’s Guide, that I saw the evidence first-hand.

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