The mirror, which reminded me daily I was not the fairest in the land, started to tell an even grimmer tale. My face became moon shaped, the wisps of upper-lip hair — an Italian rite of passage — became darker. Acne speckled my face. Most noticeably, I got fat. Like when people pretend to be pregnant and put a pillow under their shirt.

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Vegetarian Diet And PCOS

You are diagnosed with PCOS and hear you have trouble metabolizing carbohydrates and need more protein. You’re vegetarian so you’re wondering how that’s even possible. Although you may like protein, your body is constantly asking for carbs. So what’s a girl to do in this carb friendly society? How can you incorporate protein into your vegetarian diet?

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The Atlantic Recognizes PCOS!

PCOS received some much needed awareness this month with a feature article published in The Atlantic! In the article titled When Missed Periods Are a Metabolic Problem, author Sydney Parker discusses how the hormonal disorder known as PCOS, affects around 10 percent of women, but the reasons why scientists are only just beginning to understand it. With interviews from patients with the condition and some top experts who treat it (including us!), women with PCOS will find this article very informative. Check it out and let us know what you think! Read it here


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PCOS And Your Thyroid: How Nutrition Plays A Role

Thyroid disorders and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are two of the most common (and perhaps overlooked) endocrine disorders in women. Although hypothyroidism and PCOS are very different, these two conditions share many similar features. Here’s what you need to know.

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Acupuncture For Women With PCOS

As readers of this website undoubtedly know, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is defined as irregular or even absent ovulation resulting in long stretches of time between menstrual cycles. Often, women with irregular ovulation are given a diagnosis of PCOS, even if they are not insulin resistant. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) sees PCOS in a few different ways, depending on how it presents in your body. Western medicine tends to treat all PCOS patients in the same way, where TCM looks at each patient’s pattern of symptoms before making a diagnosis.

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Highlights From The 2015 Philadelphia PCOS Awareness Symposium

It was a beautiful day for the first ever PCOS Awareness Symposium in Philadelphia, which took place on April 18th and was hosted by PCOS Challenge. Over 250 women with PCOS, along with parents, friends, and partners gathered for a historic and informative event that included top researchers and health care professionals in the field of PCOS. If you weren’t among the lucky attendees at the sold-out event, here are some of the highlights.

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