Angela Grassi named one of 10 Incredible RDs Who Are Making a Difference by Today’s Dietitian!

For the past five years Today’s Dietitian has featured a Top 10 list of incredible registered dietitians that are making a difference and I am honored to have made the list this year for my work in PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome)! You can read the full article about why I was chosen here.

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PCOS: Beyond Hormones and Hot Flashes

While PCOS in general is highly overlooked and under recognized, the condition has been largely ignored in women who are past the childbearing years. This is why I am so pleased to share an article I wrote in the February edition of Today’s Dietitian titled ‘PCOS in Aging Women: Beyond Hormones and Hot Flashes.’

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Benefits of Resistance Training for Women with PCOS

Many women avoid resistance or weight training, because they believe they will “bulk up” and therefore appear more masculine. Bulking-up is a true concern for women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) because they already feel more masculine due to factors such as central obesity, infertility, male pattern hair growth and acne. Resistance training, as defined by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) “is a form of physical activity that is designed to improve muscular fitness by exercising a muscle or muscle group against an external resistance.” Resistance training can help you burn more calories, and is essential for managing PCOS.

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Water with Lemon, Please!

Drinking water with lemon shouldn’t be reserved for just dining in restaurants. The juice from this yellow citrus fruit offers numerous health benefits from good digestion to cancer prevention. While not proven to accelerate fat loss (that’s a myth) lemon juice is a healthy and low-calorie way to flavor drinks and food. Here are our top favorite benefits of lemon juice.

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Food for Fertility: A Group Program for PCOS

I had the pleasure of interviewing Judy Simon, MS, RD,CD, CHES a dietitian and fertility nutrition expert at Mind-Body-Nutrition in Seattle, WA about her novel Food for Fertility Program. Judy is the chair of the American Society Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) NutriSig group. Judy created this 7 week program to help her patients who struggle with infertility by providing support, resources, and nutrition education to women. Most impressive is the group’s zero drop-out rate, amount of women who got pregnant during the groups and the wonderful health improvements her participants experienced.

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Interview with top PCOS researcher Dr. Lisa Moran

It was a thrill for me to interview Dr. Lisa Moran, BSc (Hons), BND, PhD, the leading diet and lifestyle researcher for PCOS. Dr. Moran is a dietitian and National Heart Foundation Research Fellow at The Robinson Institute, Discipline of Obstetrics and Gynecology and The University of Adelaide, Australia. She has written over 70 publications on PCOS. I welcome you to watch the interview which discusses diet strategies, weight loss, exercise, and unique weight management challenges women with PCOS face.

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