The Future of PCOS Treatment: Precision Medicine PCOS Program

The new Precision Medicine PCOS Program, is the first of its kind. Precision medicine takes a customized approach to your health by looking at your specific genes and their interactions, your specific environment and lifestyle and then tailoring prevention and treatment to you. Your healthcare is personalized to you and so the term Personalized Medicine is also being used. Sonya Satveit, its founder, is here to tell us more about this groundbreaking initiative that’s even got the support of the President of the United States.

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Thanks to 6ABC Action News in Philadelphia for covering PCOS and the PCOS Awareness Symposium! We were excited to be a part of it. Watch the short video in which our own Angela Grassi, a registered dietitian with PCOS, discusses her story and what a healthy PCOS diet should include.

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Highlights From The Androgen Excess PCOS Meeting In Boston

PCOS experts from around the globe met in Boston yesterday for the Androgen Excess and PCOS Society (AEPCOS) update meeting yesterday. If you aren’t familiar with AEPCOS, it is an elite group of health professionals made up of scientists, reproductive endocrinologists, endocrinologists, internists, psychologists, registered dietitians and other professions who treat or do research in PCOS. The focus on the meeting was on lifestyle and mood disorders for PCOS. Here are some of the main highlights from this informative meeting.

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Angela Grassi Receives The Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur Award!

This October I was honored to be presented with the Outstanding Nutrition Entrepreneur Award from the Academy of Nutrition of Dietetics. There are over 80,000 registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) in the United States and I am very proud to accept this award for my work with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

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Angela Grassi Receives The Ricardo Azziz PCOS Challenge Advocacy Leadership Award!

I am flattered and honored to receive the Ricardo Azziz PCOS Challenge Advocacy Leadership Award! PCOS Challenge created this award to recognize an individual who has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to advocacy and public policy efforts that expand access to resources and support for women and girls with polycystic ovary syndrome.


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The mirror, which reminded me daily I was not the fairest in the land, started to tell an even grimmer tale. My face became moon shaped, the wisps of upper-lip hair — an Italian rite of passage — became darker. Acne speckled my face. Most noticeably, I got fat. Like when people pretend to be pregnant and put a pillow under their shirt.

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