The PCOS Workbook: Clinically Proven to Reduce Anxiety, Depression, and Problematic Eating in Women with PCOS

The PCOS Workbook: Your Guide to Complete Physical and Emotional Health, the best-selling self-help workbook for women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is now backed by clinical research as an effective way to treat anxiety, depression, and problematic eating.

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It’s Halloween: Your Sugar High is Calling!

“Gretchen, oh Gretchen! It’s Halloween, come on, I’m so tiny, just eat me. You deserve a treat. I’m only here once a year.” Sound familiar when you substitute your own name?

A few M&Ms, an itty-bitty Butterfinger, those adorable little packets of candy corn, or whatever form of cheap sugar it is that you favor are probably calling your name – LOUDLY – right about now. If you haven’t already succumbed repeatedly to the bowls scattered throughout many offices, or sneaking some out of the stash you intend to distribute tonight, or if you didn’t full-on snag an entire bag of your favorites for yourself, which is even now lurking in your desk drawer. I know the drill. You’ve got that guilty laugh, don’t you?


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