Live Life Unlimited with PCOS!

pcos complete online course

Can you imagine a life unlimited by your PCOS?!

Having the energy and confidence to build better relationships, play with the kids and go out and meet new people. Even realize the possibility of getting pregnant one day.

Many people with PCOS struggle with their symptoms- weight gain, fatigue, irregular periods and hormone hell! It’s so tempting to believe the quick-fix, all-or-nothing rapid weight loss diets. But that kind of PCOS diet isn’t going to change weight and health in the long term.

Not your average weight loss course, PCOS Complete is an 8-week guided course focusing on using a non-diet, sustainable, practical and kind approach to managing your PCOS symptoms.

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Online PCOS Training Course for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists

Feel More Confident and Capable Treating Patients with PCOS

online pcos training courseNutrition and lifestyle modifications have been shown to be the primary treatment approach for individuals with PCOS. Despite this importance, there is a lack of information being presented in dietetic curriculums about the condition. If you are seeing more and more patients with PCOS, this course can help you feel more confident and proficient in helping your patients take control over their PCOS.

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PCOS Nutrition Center