Instructions to download Kindle ebooks

Connect your Kindle device to your computer:

1. Plug the larger end of a USB cable into an available USB port or a powered USB hub connected to
your computer.
2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to the micro-USB port on the bottom of your Kindle device.
When connected to your computer, your Kindle device will go into USB drive mode and its battery will be recharged by the computer. Your wireless service is temporarily shut off and you will not receive any of
your subscriptions while in this mode. Also, your Kindle device is not usable as a reading device while
you are in USB drive mode, but will return right to where you were when you eject the Kindle device from your computer.

To transfer Kindle content

1. Once connected to a computer using a USB cable, your Kindle device will appear in the same location as external USB drives usually appear. For Windows users, this is typically in the “Computer” or “My Computer” menu. For Mac users, the drive will appear on the desktop.
2. Open the Kindle drive. You will see several folders inside, one of which will be named “documents.” This is the folder you will move the downloaded file into.
3. Locate the downloaded file and copy it into the documents folder. You can generally copy files by clicking and dragging the file to the folder.
4. Safely eject your Kindle device from your computer and unplug the USB cable. Your content will appear on the Home screen.

You may also find this video helpful:

To read the book on an ipad, iphone or Mac:

We recommend viewing ebooks in ibooks or Kindle app.

1. Download the “epub” file to your computer hard drive.
2. Launch Itunes Store on your computer and plug your iphone into the computer
3. Click the box in the far left upper corner [i.e. half shaded, half-unshaded box] and choose “Add File to Library”
4. Choose the file that was just downloaded on your computer and click “Open” button
5. Click “Books” along the top of the Itunes screen
6. Checkmark “Sync Books” checkmark, indicate the “All Books” radio button and click “Apply” button
7. Open the book in your desired viewing app.

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