Highlights From The 2015 Philadelphia PCOS Awareness Symposium

It was a beautiful day for the first ever PCOS Awareness Symposium in Philadelphia, which took place on April 18th and was hosted by PCOS Challenge. Over 250 women with PCOS, along with parents, friends, and partners gathered for a historic and informative event that included top researchers and health care professionals in the field of PCOS. If you weren’t among the lucky attendees at the sold-out event, here are some of the highlights.

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Informative Presentations

The best of the best in PCOS research were in attendance and provided informative and practical information to women with PCOS. Among these professions was none other than Dr. Anuja Dokras, President of the Androgen Excess and PCOS Society (AEPCOS), Dr. Richard Legro, former President of AEPCOS, Dr. Katherine Sherif of Thomas Jefferson University, and Dr. Rachana Shaw of Adolescent PCOS Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Also in attendance was Dr. Andrea Braverman who talked about the emotional side of PCOS, and our own PCOS nutrition expert Angela Grassi who talked about how the right foods can benefit women with PCOS.

Topics included:

  • PCOS Awareness and Advocacy
  • Understanding PCOS and Its Diagnosis
  • PCOS Nutrition: Enjoying the Taste of Health
  • Emotional Wellness in Women with PCOS
  • Improving Fertility in Women with PCOS
  • Hair Removal Options for Women with PCOS
  • Creating a PCOS Treatment Plan
  • PCOS Health: Risks and Management
  • Fertility Preservation and Egg Freezing
  • Integrative Care for PCOS
  • PCOS in Adolescents: Early Detection and Intervention
  • Couples Therapy: Managing PCOS Relationship Challenges
  • PCOS-Diabetes Connection: Preventing Stroke,
  • Kidney Disease, Liver Disease and Other Complications
  • Advancements in PCOS Research
  • Eating Disorders and PCOS

Click here to view presenter’s slides from the event.

Panel discussions followed presentations and provided an intimate and safe place to discuss problems, get advice, and support. I must say that every professional there showed empathy, understanding, and respect for the women present and were so generous with their time and information they provided. With so many women frustrated with past medical treatment, it’s so encouraging to see that there are so many dedicated health professionals who really do care about women with PCOS!

Awareness for PCOS

PCOS is the most common endocrine disorder among women of childbearing ages, affecting an average of 10% of the female population. Yet, this condition is often overlooked by professionals and receives less than .1% of financial support. If left undetected, PCOS can lead to serious long-term complications such as infertility, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome as well as cardiovascular disease.

Joining together as a group to show support for PCOS, raises much needed awareness for the condition. This awareness spreads not just to family members and friends, but reaches out to the health care field, insurance providers, and the community.

This event created national and local awareness about PCOS. Endocrine Today was on hand and interviewed speakers, 6ABC Philadelphia did a news segment about it, and About.com featured it.


One of the many benefits of attending a symposium for PCOS is that there is numerous resources all in one place to help you manage your PCOS. For instance, if you have been thinking about working with a nutritionist to improve your eating or help with weight loss, you can talk to one about scheduling a nutrition counseling session at the event. Likewise, if you are looking for a new physician, there are many you hear speak to determine who is right for you. Interested in laser hair removal and want to know the cost and what’s involved? There’s someone there to help you with that too.

If you suffer from PCOS, you may feel isolated and alone, as if no one else can understand your symptoms and pain. At a PCOS Awareness Symposium, you will be among hundreds of other women with the condition who do understand. You won’t feel alone anymore!

The next PCOS Symposium in Philadelphia is on April 16, 2016 at Jefferson University. Hope to see you there!

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