New You Magazine Recognizes PCOS!

A heartfelt thank you to New You Magazine for publishing a feature article on PCOS! It’s rare for any magazine to even mention PCOS, a common yet overlooked condition affecting at least 10% of women in the United States. New You, a prominent fashion and lifestyle magazine features a 3-page spread about it in its Spring 2015 collectors issue.

The article provides helpful education about the condition while sharing the stories of three women with PCOS, each who have overcome different challenges with PCOS. The PCOS Nutrition Center’s founder and registered dietitian nutritionist Angela Grassi is one of the women featured!

Please let New You Magazine know how much you appreciate the attention given to PCOS by picking up a copy at your local newsstand or bookstore. You can also write to the editor and let her know how their feature article raises awareness for PCOS and gives a voice to the many women who suffer in silence.

To read the article online, click here

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