Reclaim Your Life from PCOS

Our Clients Go From “PCOS Is Taking Over My Life” to “I know exactly what I need to do for my PCOS”

Does this sound familiar? Our clients are heartbroken when they’ve been diagnosed with PCOS. There’s a lot to think about now. Like:

  • What about fertility? Will I be able to have children?
  • Is it safe for me not to have a period for a long time?
  • What caused my PCOS? Does that mean I have underlying inflammation?
  • Does this put me at risk for Diabetes?
  • What can I do about my energy levels, acne, hormonal skin conditions, and hair loss or excess growth?

I completely get it.

I was on the other side of the table 20 years ago when I first got diagnosed. I was overwhelmed with all of the advice out there, and I didn’t know how to put it into an actionable plan that would help with what was most important to me: my symptoms and my fertility.

angela grassi pcos nutritionist

My PCOS Story

Hi – my name is Angela Grassi. I have a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and am a Registered and Licensed dietitian. But at my heart – I am just a woman who has struggled with the same thing that you may be struggling with right now – PCOS.

That’s exactly why I decided to hit the books and do the hard work for you – I wanted to come up with a plan for PCOS that would work for not only myself, but the clients that relied on me for Nutrition advice in my private practice.

Angela is only one of two health professionals who LISTENED to my concerns and BELIEVED the things I was actively doing to address my PCOS symptoms.” – Tamar


PCOS Nutrition Advice

Here’s the hard truth:

There are some things about PCOS that are different about other health problems – it requires a Nutrition plan specific not only to the individual with the diagnosis, but also for PCOS specifically. That’s because PCOS is often characterized by both stress hormones and insulin resistance.

“From the start, Angela thoroughly impressed me with her deeply knowledgeable and evidence-based approach to working with clients. Everything is anchored back to the research and her longstanding experience as a highly seasoned professional.”  — Kate

Stress Hormones

You may have noticed that you’re more stressed out than you ever were. That’s because PCOS often goes hand in hand with elevated stress hormones. In order to fully manage PCOS, it is important to also manage stress. If you’re going to come up with a nutrition plan that works for PCOS – it has to consider whether or not it’s going to add stress into your life or decrease the stress in your life.

That’s exactly why our individualized Nutrition plans and programs are meant to make life easier instead of harder. We won’t make you spend all day Sunday in the kitchen prepping meals. Instead, we’ll help you come up with easy, actionable steps that you can implement in your life that will help you optimize your nutrition for PCOS.

“You truly have been the best resource for me in helping me achieve progress in my PCOS journey.” — Nikki

Insulin Resistance

It’s true that often times PCOS goes hand in hand with insulin resistance, or the inability for your cells to unlock the power of glucose in the blood via a hormone called insulin. We work on nutritional strategies – with both diet and supplements – that help your body to increase sensitivity to insulin and reduce blood sugar levels – so you can step off the blood sugar roller coaster ride that often results in “hangry” days or being hungry right after you just ate. I remember those days and being confused why my body was sending me mixed signals – we can help you overcome this.

“At the beginning, my A1C was 6.0 and I’m now happy to report that it is now 5.7 after recent blood work.” –Tamar

angela grassi pcos dietitian

How Can We Help?

I taught myself how to overcome PCOS with nutrition and lifestyle – and I can help you too with the same concerns. What we need to do is to help you stop yo-yo dieting, trying to “drop weight” because that’s what your doctor says you should do. In fact, it’s the opposite – because when people try to “lose weight” – it causes more stress on the body and sometimes worsens PCOS. While we aren’t anti-weight loss, we’re against intentional weight loss due to the stress it causes on the body.

Instead, what we do through one-on-one nutrition coaching for PCOS is gently nourish the body by working on habits, behaviors and mindset.

“I am now happy to say that my liver enzyme levels are normal! So is my glucose and I’ve lost a few pounds. Thank you so much for your guidance and suggestions.  I know that the process is working and is making a difference in my body!” –Brianne

There are other measures of health that have nothing to do with your relationship with your weight – and with nutrition coaching for PCOS we will measure your success using these approaches – things like:

  • Your energy level improving
  • Less carbohydrate cravings
  • Skin conditions improving (acne, boils, dark spots, etc)
  • Hair in places you want it and not in places you don’t want it
  • Improvements in libido
  • Fertility, or improved ovulation
  • Periods returning to normal 28-32 day cycles
  • Less emotional or binge eating
  • Better relationship with food and your body


Reclaim Your Life From PCOS!

You absolutely can gain control over your PCOS – just like Brianne, Tamar, Kate, and countless others. It all starts with your PCOS Breakthrough Session, a one-on-one nutrition coaching assessment with me.

We’re going to help you discover exactly what has been holding you back from taking control over your PCOS – whether that’s diet, lifestyle, nutrition, exercise or something else.

By the end of the call, you will:

  • Understand what has been going wrong with your PCOS Treatment plan from a Nutrition perspective, and how to fix it
  • Answer your concerns about whether or not diet and/or lifestyle changes are right for you
  • Begin a partnership with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is in your corner, and knows exactly what you’re going through with your PCOS – and how to overcome it
  • Get clear action steps on what will work immediately to get you to your goal
  • Help you decide if my personalized PCOS nutrition coaching program is right for you.

If you want any of the above results, I know that working on your nutrition and lifestyle are the answers for you.

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