Pregnitude Update Part II: Six month Follow Up


I’ve been taking myo-inositol supplement (4 grams daily) for 6 months now. I first reported my experience and blood results in June after 3 months of using myo-inositol (you can read my post here). Back then I saw noticeable improvements in my HDL (the “good” cholesterol), hemoglobin a1C (Ha1C) and c-reactive protein (CRP) levels. I also reported how my hair was thicker than ever. These improvements were made with no change to my diet, medications, supplements or exercise.Find out what I experienced from taking myo-inositol for 6 months. You may be as surprised as me!

Metaboic Improvements

I met with my doctor and got my blood tests back this week. The results: my HDL level, in optimal range, did not change. While I was hoping it would go up higher to improve my cholesterol ratio even more, I was pleased that it didn’t go down. Myo-inositol may be helping to maintain my HDL level (compared to other women of the same weight, women with PCOS are known to have low levels of HDL).

What I was most pleased about was that my Ha1C levels improved even more! Ha1C reflects the average blood glucose for the previous three months. The optimal level to decrease diabetes risk is under 5.7%. When I first started taking myo-inositol, my baseline Ha1C was 5.2%. After 3 months of use, my Ha1C decreased to 5.1%. Now after 6 months of use it’s 4.9%. While my Ha1C has always been in optimal range, I have never had my Ha1C under 5% before-not with metformin or other insulin sensitizers or supplements I have tried. Studies have shown that myo-inositol can improve insulin and glucose levels in women with PCOS. You can read how it works in my previous post.

A disappointment was an increase in my CRP levels even though my levels decreased after 3 months of using Pregnitude. According to my doctor, CRP can be influenced by recent lack of sleep or stress. Since CRP is a measure of inflammation, it would make sense that my neck injury (overdid it in bodypump) can influence levels as well. I plan to have my CRP levels checked again in 3 months.


Since I’m not trying to get pregnant and experience regular menstrual cycles thanks to a clean, low GI way of eating, I can’t comment on the affect it’s had on my menstrual cycle or ovulation. I will say that the majority of patients I work with have seen better menstrual cycles and ovulation with myo-inositol. Some women who have heavy periods report a lighter flow with inositol use.

Less Cravings

A major bonus of taking myo-inositol for me has been that it has significantly reduced my cravings for sweets. I used to have a huge sweet tooth but not anymore! Insulin is a known appetite stimulant. It would make sense that by lowering insulin levels myo-inositol would also reduce appetite.

Thicker Hair

In regards to my hair, I didn’t experience any thinning that I normally experience in the hot summer months and my hair continues to be as thick as ever.

The Verdict

Overall, I was impressed with Pregnitude’s impact on my metabolic health. As new research has shown that a combination of myo and d-chiro inositol improves PCOS better than inositol alone, I have started using a product called Ovasitol, which is similar to Pregnitude but has d-chiro inositol added. And it’s cheaper! Check Ovasitol out in the PCOS Nutrition Center STORE.

Disclosure: I am not being compensated from the makers of Pregnitude in any way. I received one complimentary box of Pregnitude.

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Comments (3)
  • LC

    November 20, 2014 at 8:45 pm

    does pregnitude reduce facial hair growth ?

  • Angela Grassi, MS, RDN, LDN

    November 21, 2014 at 8:45 pm

    The Myo inositol in pregnitude was shown in studies to reduce testosterone. Some women do find that it help to reduce hair growth.

  • Sunshine Anaëlle

    September 27, 2018 at 9:00 am

    I suffer with PCOS for so many years. Trying to get pregnant I used to take metformin and other medication to help with ovulation nothing happen. So couple days ago I was making a research and I jumped and discovered the PREGNITUDE. I bought it last night I’m gonna start taking it today. I’ll share with you my result at anytime.

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