PCOS Client Handouts


Save time and money! These 20 printer ready educational handouts and forms (available for download) are what every successful dietitian and health care professional who works with PCOS clients need.

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20 Printer Ready PCOS Handout Set Includes:

• Billable receipt with IDC-9 Codes for PCOS and related conditions (MS Word)
• PCOS nutrition assessment form (MS Word)
• PCOS progress note (MS Word)
• PCOS food exchange sheet (MS Word)
• Food record with hunger/satiety scale
• Mindful eating exercise
• Understanding PCOS
• About metformin
• How food affects insulin levels
• Lab tests used to diagnose & monitor PCOS
• Sample meal plans for 4 different caloric ranges
• Resources for PCOS clients
• Shopping for whole grains
• Myo-inositol
• Vitamin D
• N-Acetyl Cysteine
• Omega-3 fatty acids

Learn from the experts! Comes with 20 ready to go forms used with PCOS clients in successful practices.


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