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PCOS Repair with the goal of managing PCOS by minimizing symptoms and restoring hormone balance.

As you know, PCOS can often feel all-consuming. It’s no surprise – especially when common symptoms include acne, excessive hair growth, hair loss, weight gain, and irregular or absent periods.

Even so, one thing is certain: No matter how mild or severe your PCOS symptoms are, it’s essential that you figure out how to reduce them.

Although at the moment it might seem as if your PCOS symptoms are controlling your life, you can minimize your symptoms and regain control. The best part? You can accomplish this naturally through a carefully selected combination of supplements and vitamins.

Our recommendation is the PCOS Repair Supplement Stack.

Here’s why this combination of supplements was recommended based on your quiz responses:
  • Fish oil has been found to help improve mood, reduce inflammation, and lower testosterone, which is particularly important because of the hormone imbalance that folks with PCOS face.Nordic Naturals Pro Omega-D is the highest quality fish oil with vitamin D added. No fishy taste!
  • Probiotics help to improve gut health and have been shown to lower insulin, testosterone and inflammation.
  • Ovasitol has many benefits. One of them is that it has been shown to improve acne by lowering testosterone in women with PCOS. Ovasitol can also help regulate periods. 3-Month supply
  • Core Bundle (Ultra Vitamin D, NAC, PCOS MULTI) includes our PCOS MULTI® which has been specifically formulated to meet the unique health needs of people with PCOS with extra amounts of B-vitamins, vitamin B12, biotin, zinc, and other antioxidants.* Also in this bundle is Ultra D, our Vitamin D3 with k2 for maximum absorption and the antioxidant N-acetylcysteine (NAC) to help lower insulin and fight inflammation.*

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Take 15% off your purchase with code P23-Qbdl
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  • Ovasitol®
  • Core Bundle (PCOS MULTI®, Vitamin D, and NAC)
  • Fish oil
  • PCOS Probiotic®



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