PCOS: The Dietitian’s Guide


PCOS: The Dietitian’s Guide is the most comprehensive nutrition book on PCOS. An important resource for Dietitians, Nurses, Physicians, Therapists, and other health professionals who work in women’s health, along with women who have PCOS themselves!

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It is estimated that 10% of the female population has PCOS. Lifestyle modification of diet and exercise has been established as the preferred method to treat PCOS. Dietitians, because of their unique role in developing long-term relationships with their patients, may be the first to recognize this syndrome. With this book, the first of its kind, health professionals will gain the necessary knowledge and training to work with the PCOS population:

• Recognize signs and symptoms of PCOS in adolescent and adult patients
• Learn evidence-based diet strategies to help women with PCOS improve their fertility, lose weight, and live better lives
• Obtain sample meal plans and resources for patients
• Learn which nutritional supplements are best to improve PCOS
• Understand the quality of life issues affecting women with PCOS and how they may be at a higher risk for developing eating disorders
• Recognize nutritional concerns that PCOS women have during pregnancy, lactation, and the postpartum period
• Understand the importance of effective diet strategies for women with
PCOS as they age

“Dietitians really need to be the leaders in the management of PCOS and your book is a step in the right direction.”
-Judy Simon MS,RD,CD

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Chapter 1 Understanding PCOS
Chapter 2 Nutritional Strategies and Lifestyle Modification for PCOS
Chapter 3 Alternative and Complementary Treatments for PCOS
Chapter 4 PCOS in Adolescence
Chapter 5 Pregnancy, Lactation, and the Postpartum Period
Chapter 6 PCOS and Aging
Chapter 7 Psychological Aspects of PCOS
Chapter 8 PCOS and Eating Disorders
Chapter 9 Case Studies

Appendix 1 Questions to Ask a Patient with Suspected PCOS
Appendix 2 The Dietitian’s Toolbox
Appendix 3 Sample Menu Plans
Appendix 4 Resources
Appendix 5 Related IDC-10 Codes

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