The PCOS Workbook: Your Guide To Complete Physical And Emotional Health


NEW Second Edition!The PCOS Workbook, a practical and comprehensive guide, helps you understand not just the physiology of PCOS but also what you can do about it. Proven to reduce anxiety, depression, and problematic eating, The PCOS Workbook provides a non-diet approach to managing PCOS and creating sustainable lifestyle changes.


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“The doctor said I’m insulin resistant. What does that mean?”

“Will I ever be able to have a baby?”

“I hate my body. Will it ever change?”

“I try to lose weight, but I crave carbs all the time.”

“Diets don’t work for me, but what will?”

“Why do I have hair growing everywhere, and will it ever get better?”

“I am so depressed and moody. Is this related to my PCOS?”

 If any of these statements sound familiar, this workbook can help you! The PCOS Workbook, a practical and comprehensive guide, helps you understand not just the physiology of PCOS but also what you can do about it. Proven to reduce anxiety, depression, and problematic eating, The PCOS Workbook provides a non-diet approach to managing PCOS and creating sustainable lifestyle changes. Step-by-step guidelines, questionnaires, and exercises will help you learn skills and empower you to make positive changes in your life that might not get rid of PCOS, but will help you live with it harmoniously:

  • Take control over carbohydrate cravings
  • Decrease emotional and binge eating
  • Learn how food can improve your health and fertility
  • Understand your medical treatment
  • Regulate your cycles
  • Manage the stress in your life
  • Improve your sleep
  • Be more mindful with your eating and in life
  • Challenge body image myths and insecurities
  • Recognize if you have a mood or eating disorder
  • Overcome obstacles to becoming more physically active
  • Cope with the challenges of infertility
  • Get closer to living the life you want to live!


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  1. Carol Plotkin, RD

    “I was thrilled to win your book at the NE/DBC networking event in Denver a few weeks ago. I began reading it on the plane ride back to Rochester, NY. I’ve previously seen PCOS patients, but not very often. How funny that upon returning home, I’m called by a mother of a 17 year with PCOS. She has not had a very good experience with health practitioners in the past and found a visit with a dietitian in the hospital unhelpful. I really want to empower her and help her to love her body. Your book is fabulous and it is providing me with great information to help her.

  2. V. Edwards

    “I bought this to help my daughter understand this syndrome and how to live with it. So far it has been informative and helped her to understand that a lot of what she is going through is not her fault. This is a very good book for the newly diagnosed to get a handle on PCOS.”

  3. MJ

    “All you need to know about the dietary component of PCOS is actually in The PCOS Workbook by dietitian Angela Grassi. In the book she gives you lots of facts and worksheets to help you improve your health and quality of life with this condition. She also has a section authored by a psychologist, that helps you deal with your emotions regarding PCOS. I recommend that every woman who is struggling with PCOS get Angela Grassi’s book, and that they find a work out that helps them focus on the positive side of life and not the negative.”

  4. Dawn van Engelen, RD

    “You did an amazing job on the book. I will thank you before hand from all the women I will share this book with and the hope you will give them.”

  5. Kate McDonald

    “This is a FANTASTIC book for women with PCOS! Not only is there great info but the questionnaires really got me to think about my health in a different way. Instead of just reading info on PCOS on what I should do, this book helped me to put it into practice. Definitely get this book if you have PCOS!”

  6. Judy Simon MS,RD,CD,CHES

    “Finally there is a handbook written for women with PCOS that health professionals will be excited to recommend. The authors have brilliantly balanced the science women need to understand PCOS, practical guidance for making lifestyle changes, and tools to empower their emotional health. I highly recommend this book to health professionals and women with PCOS.”

  7. Elaine

    “My 17 yr-old daughter has been diagnosed with PCOS and we have been trying to learn more about it to control it with exercise and diet. The PCOS workbook is a great book to help understand how diet affects the insulin levels. I also love that it has lines to fill in; my daughter can understand what her diet should be like because she has to stop and write down what she has been eating versus what she should be eating. It is very encouraging knowing you don’t have to completely leave out food groups. This book teaches how to monitor the amounts eaten and what to eat with it to maintain an insulin balance. I have learned so much from this book and have already starting changing the way I purchase foods for the whole family for healthier eating.”

  8. PCOS Today Magazine

    “A treasure-trove of information!”

  9. Lory Hayon, B.S., R.D

    “What a comprehensive workbook and a great tool to use for my PCOS Workshop. Every client will receive a workbook and use them at every session. Thanks Angela for all of your hard work and efforts to create a tool for the PCOS population. It helps dietitians to teach and not have to reinvent the wheel.”

  10. Tara

    “I am really enjoying The PCOS Workbook, it’s absolutely the best book I’ve bought so far on PCOS, and this is about my 6th one so I’m hard to impress now! Thank you for your great work!!
    -Tara, Hartford, Connecticut –

  11. Ashley Levinson Tabeling, Founder, Project PCOS

    “The PCOS Workbook is fabulous and I am really excited that it breaks things down in a practical way and gives women goals, activities and encouragement to take control. “

  12. NJGal

    “I found the workbook to be very helpful since it not only shares information about the condition, but it also has exercises that make you really delve into how you feel and things you can do to help you improve the symptoms of the condition.”

  13. Tanya Alison Sears

    “I finished your PCOS Workbook tonight – and wanted to applaud you for what you are doing and congratulate you for a thoughtful book. My youth was lost to PCOS – best in your ambition to preserve those special years of the girls now being diagnosed.”

  14. Susan Dopart, MS, RD

    “Finally a resource workbook written for women with PCOS to better understand exactly what PCOS is, how to understand the hormone changes that accompany PCOS and tools to equip the reader for diet, emotional helps and therapies. PCOS is a commonly missed diagnosis in young women with menstrual disorders and this book clearly explains and illustrates the physiological and psychological changes that accompany PCOS. I highly recommend it for any woman with PCOS wanting to take control of her health – for weight loss, hormone stabilization, or fertility issues. A road map that illustrates many helps towards health and happiness with PCOS.”

  15. -Sasha Ottey, PCOS Challenge, Inc.

    “The PCOS Workbook offers a wealth of helpful and simply explained exercises and techniques you can use immediately to cope with PCOS more effectively.”

  16. Hope Warshaw, MS, RD, CDE

    “A must have guide for PCOS! The PCOS Workbook is an essential guidebook to manage emotional and physical health with PCOS.”

  17. Berrydirl

    “This book was VERY helpful for me over all as it gave me insight into what to look for medically to help make sure that I am balanced hormonally. Through this workbook I have been able to be more open and educated when it comes to discussing this with my doctor. I don’t know a ton about PCOS so this was a wonderful book. It has tidbits I think that would help everyone who’s trying to manage their PCOS.”

  18. Jennifer Thie, MD

    “I recommend this book to all of my PCOS patients. I think it is the best source of diet info.”

  19. Stephen G. Somkuti MD, PhD

    “The PCOS Bible! Indispensible for the individual with this complex disorder!”
    Stephen G. Somkuti MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at Temple University School of Medical School and Director of The Toll Center for Reproductive Sciences at Abington Memorial Hospital

  20. Bonneroo Chick

    “The PCOS Workbook is absolutely the best purchase I’ve made regarding my health. The workbook format is so much more useful for keeping track of my specific levels, what to ask my endocrinologist, and documenting my progress. I love the worksheet for documenting lab results – so useful! For someone who does not come from a clinical background, all this information can be really overwhelming. The author explains everything in detail, but still makes it easy to comprehend. The other books I’ve read made me more anxious after reading them, while this one made me feel empowered. I love it and have now ordered her other book as well, can’t wait for it to arrive.”

  21. Sarah Westacott

    “To all my friends with PCOS…I highly recommend this book. It’s written in an understandable tone and it really is a ‘workbook’ which helps you to understand things better. I’ve read over 30 books on the subject and have never came across one like this.”

  22. Cindy Cartwright

    “The PCOS Workbook is absolutely the best purchase I’ve made regarding my health!”

  23. Michelle Coppola

    “I’m loving this book! I have read many books about PCOS and this by far has been the best for me. The workbook format is great! Thanks again for your wonderful workbook!”

  24. Midwest Book Review

    “The PCOS Workbook is a top pick for women who have this disorder.”

  25. Jamie Webster

    “I’ve read several books on PCOS. This one I felt is the most helpful for someone with PCOS. Not only does it offer information about the disorder that a regular person can understand, but the written exercises helped challenge my thinking and helped me take control over my PCOS. I lost 5 pounds in the first month I started reading and feel that my exercise and eating habits are finally on track.”

  26. Angela Grassi (verified owner)

    This book has everything! I love the diet and it explains things very well. I was told about it from a dietician and it was even better than she made it out to be. The workbook is great with the emotional side and following the diet I saw a significant reduction in my symptoms.
    I found the supplements information very useful.

    A must have for PCOS! I bought a friend a copy, a copy to be my ‘loaner’ because I’m always telling everyone how great this book is and I’ve bought a few copies for young ladies that just got their PCOS diagnosis.

    With the help of the diet I felt GREAT! The best I ever have in fact. With the tools in this book and COQ-10 I actually started cycling on my own and was able to conceive naturally after 4 years of trying and 7 rounds of clomid.-PUP Golden

  27. Kim Russell

    I am looking forward to receiving this book for my two daughters who each have their own set of symptoms, primarily our 15 year old suffering from muscle bulking and obesity, to help her with nutrition, a unwelcome topic for most 15 year olds. One thing I want to mention is that I am sure my mother had this, dying from heart disease at age 60 from years of undiagnosed, long-term, low grade inflammation that led to her undiagnosed heart disease. She died in 1987 during angioplasty with doctors puzzled by the amount of damage she had. She had a lifetime of boils, hirsutism, 13 years between two children, anxiety, but was not obese until after a full hysterectomy at age 50. There are real consequences here, beyond infertility. Thank you to everyone who is helping educate both patients, and providers.

    • Angela Grassi (verified owner)

      Great Kim! Please let us know how you and your daughters like The PCOS Workbook!

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